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Recent Fundings – February 2022

Recently, our invoice factoring funding solution has helped businesses in staffing, general services, and telecom fund their day-to-day operations, meet payroll, take advantage of supplier discounts and grow their business. See our February recent fundings below: Why choose Liquid Capital? Liquid Capital is a full-service working capital and trade finance company. We have the largest […]

Connect with prospects in the digital 2.0 world

In the relationship economy, successful business owners and sales teams connect with prospects in new ways. Are you? Thanks to digital media, there are many ways to engage with potential prospects in the digital world. Here are three of the top ways to leverage digital marketing to connect with prospects in the relationship economy. 1. […]

3 questions to grow your goods-based business

If you’re looking to grow your goods-based business (or help your client grow theirs), start by asking these three questions. Image via Unsplash Your product inventory levels can often be a good indicator of how well your business is doing, at least in some ways. For instance, if you’re having trouble moving your inventory, it […]

Increase your cash flow with an updated sales prospecting process

If you’re trying to increase your business’s cash flow, start by reviewing your sales prospecting process. Prospecting, relationships, business growth and cash flow are all closely connected in the relationship economy.  It’s common knowledge that having meaningful customer relationships can support business growth by generating consistent sales and cultivating loyal customers. In turn, this can […]

Year in review 2021: Our top articles for business professionals

From creating long-lasting business relationships to harnessing the benefits of invoice factoring and alternative funding, these are some of our top articles for business professionals from the past year. As another year wraps up, you may be planning to take advantage of new opportunities that lie ahead in 2022. To help tackle the road ahead, […]

Developing a business plan for your new venture

Do you have an idea to evolve your business or maybe even starting something brand new? Turning your vision into a reality requires developing a business plan. Here’s how to get started. Image via Unsplash Many people are waiting for all the stars to align before taking the next leap in their business or starting […]

Turn your sales team into relationship-building rockstars!

Give your sales team a winning advantage by boosting their relationship-building skills in the Relationship Economy.   Not long ago, things like price, convenience and savings would drive customer preferences. But as we’ve moved towards the Relationship Economy, consumers are increasingly prioritizing customer service, brand loyalty and personalization.   “In a Relationship Economy, the primary […]

5 ways beyond pay to support employees as they return to the workplace

Encourage even the most reluctant employees to return to the workplace with these non-monetary compensation ideas. Whether people are fully or partially returning to the workplace, company leaders and people managers are challenged to create a safe workplace that supports employees’ job performance and personal wellbeing.  Employees who have become accustomed to remote work may […]