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How leaders can navigate these market recovery trends

Liquid Capital’s Fall Roundup Part 1: As the economy begins to stabilize, how can you successfully navigate the market recovery? This year, there has been a substantial shift in the ways that customers and employees engage with companies. For many entrepreneurs and business owners, much time will be spent navigating current market recovery trends. From […]

4 tips for maintaining strong business relationships

Part 2 of the “Business Relationships Series”: The importance of maintaining strong business relationships with your contacts and clients. The way businesses attract customers has shifted forever. The old methods of marketing to catch a customer’s attention, getting them interested and having them make a purchase doesn’t happen in the same way anymore. In Part […]

Create a smart digital marketing plan on a budget

When the pandemic forced many businesses to close their brick-and-mortar locations, successful entrepreneurs doubled down on their digital marketing plan. Here’s how you can too. The pandemic forced many businesses to shift their focus online and left them to come up with creative solutions to selling. Pivoting their company was the only way to survive, […]

Emerging trends in the COVID-19 recovery market

Liquid Capital’s July Roundup: Here’s what we’re reading this month. As markets across the world begin opening up and we start emerging from pandemic restrictions, business leaders are looking for ways to remain competitive, increase sales and manage organizational changes. From sales to leadership to change management — if business leaders want to thrive in […]

Global Aviation: Above and Beyond

Discover how Global Aviation leveraged invoice factoring to reach new heights of business success with the help of Liquid Capital. Short on time? Read this 30 second summary You’ve likely experienced Global Aviation’s exceptional service from one of their customer service agents at one of the many North American airports they service. Since its inception […]