Entries by Sarah Schoepfer

Keep an organized inbox and improve your productivity

Feeling overwhelmed by your inbox? Falling behind with your to-do list? Being strategic with your email can improve your productivity and help you get more done.   This year has brought many changes to where we work and how we communicate with co-workers, clients and prospective clients. In the new virtual workplace, staying productive and connected […]

Bankers and alternative lending referral partners are a winning combination

Working with alternative lending referral partners can have many long-term benefits for banks and their commercial customers.  As a commercial bank lender, you know that your referral network — and the relationships behind it — drives your success. With many banks making recent changes to their lending criteria you may have already noticed current customers […]

Cash flow tips from top-performing CFOs

Every CFO knows that cash is king! So give your company’s coffers the royal treatment with these top cash flow tips. Your cash flow forecast will be the life force of your future business strategy. And as your company grows, you’re likely taking on more debt or wracking up expenses—making it more challenging to get […]

Ignite your virtual networking so you don’t lose valuable contacts

Is in-person networking no longer an option? Keep the fire of your professional relationships burning with a virtual networking strategy. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels Stoke the fire behind your professional network, even if face-to-face meetings are no longer an option. With a virtual networking strategy, you can breathe new life into your contacts.  If you haven’t […]