Advantages of factoring your invoices

Advantages of factoring your invoices with Liquid Capital

Not all factoring companies are made the same. These are the benefits of factoring your invoices with Liquid Capital.

Advantages of factoring your invoices

Invoice factoring can be an excellent solution when you need business funding that’s as agile as your business. Many business owners have seized new growth opportunities and overcome cash flow challenges by partnering with a trusted and reliable alternative funding partner. 

However, not all invoice factoring companies are made the same. At Liquid Capital, here’s how we’re doing things differently:

1. We help accelerate your cash flow quickly

While some factoring companies can take several weeks to advance payment, long-established companies like Liquid Capital can often provide approved clients with funding in as little as one day.

2. We help navigate credit issues to access funding

Some traditional factoring companies may make it difficult to qualify for factoring advances, but that doesn’t make sense to us. Given that you’re effectively selling your invoices to a third party, so long as your customers’ credit ratings are good, you should qualify. 

Factoring, often considered one of the most accessible forms of financing, doesn’t rely on your company’s credit score, or level of revenue – and years in business are not part of the application process.

3. We give you access to significant funds upfront 

Some factoring companies advance smaller portions of the value of invoices. Liquid Capital advances at least 80% of the invoices’ value and sometimes more. That means you can get more funding, more quickly. 

4. We don’t overcharge our clients on fees

There are numerous factoring companies out there, and some of them charge high fees. Sometimes these fees are not clearly communicated. Trustworthy factoring companies like Liquid Capital are fully transparent and never charge hidden or egregious fees.

The amount you’ll pay can depend on several factors including the number of invoices you factor and their cumulative value, as well as the length of your factoring contract. Liquid Capital’s fees can often be comparable to what you would pay in interest on a loan.


5. We don’t lock our clients into long-term contracts

Some factoring companies lock clients into contracts of up to two years. However, the more established and reputable factoring companies offer more flexible contracts, some as short as a month or two. And you usually pay lower fees if you do sign up to a longer contract.  

6. We protect your relationships with your clients

If your factoring company has poor customer service and pesters your clients for payment, this could adversely impact your relationships. However, this doesn’t happen with well-established factoring companies that offer high levels of consistently good customer service. The only aspect of your relationships with your clients that you will lose is chasing them for payment. Everything else remains the same.

All invoice factoring companies are not the same 

Until you’ve worked with a factoring company or two, you might think that all factoring companies provide similar services. But here at Liquid Capital, we pride ourselves on being different.

We’ve been successfully helping businesses for over 20 years by delivering:

  • Speedy financing: approved clients often receive funds within 24 hours.
  • Complete transparency: no hidden terms or complicated restrictions.
  • Expert advice: we consider your unique needs and offer a range of options.
  • Capital strength: we’ve deployed over $3 billion in working capital.

Ready to dive deeper? Check out our Invoice Factoring Guide, which provides some critical questions and info you may not have considered, which you should be asking of any factoring provider.

Contact us to find out more about how you can improve your cash flow by turning your invoices into immediate cash, with invoice factoring from Liquid Capital.