Professional, We “get it”, Great Customer Service


This just in from our Client Satisfaction Survey:  respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that Liquid Capital Advance is professional in its work, and all respondents speak highly of their operations advisor. 75% strongly agree our advisors understand the client’s business, are accurate, listen and understand.  This flows from some of our core values: “We do what’s right and hold ourselves to the highest standards to build trust” and “We will always earn the right to be our clients’ first choice for alternative working capital.”


Here’s what some of those clients told us:

“Liquid Capital truly understands the nature of our business.”

“Customer service is totally amazing. Responsive and easy to contact.”

In response to a request to provide one area with room for improvement: “I honestly have nothing to say.  Liquid capital has exceeded my expectations.”


We’re pleased with the recent feedback from clients, and hope you’ll in turn be pleased to entrust your clients to us, or to reach out to us for your own working capital needs.  Give us a call today!

Dan Effa



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