Solutions Provide Good Value


Here are some further results from our recent client survey: respondents believe they get good value from working with us, with the majority also stating we have helped them increase their profits. Often people express concerns that our working capital solutions are “high cost”.  However, perspective means everything, and in this case it’s very important when determining if Liquid Capital Advance solutions are “cheap”, “high cost” or “valuable”.  Here’s what I recently wrote to a referral source:

“Certainly, an equity take-out [mortgage] is a low-cost option if available.  In our case, we’re far less expensive than an equity partner, or turning down profitable work due to a working capital shortage, and our client is in control of how much they pay in Liquid Capital fees (no minimums, exit fees, etc.).”

Our clients realize we work hard for them as their reliable working capital providers, and that although we charge a fee for this service, it’s far better to get most of their gross margin % on millions of dollars in extra sales, instead of forgoing revenue and profits due to a working capital shortage.

Dan Effa



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