Looking up in a forest

Are you lost in the woods?

An interesting article in the Harvard Business Review called the "The Five Stages of Small Business Growth" talks about the most important aspects of building…
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Merchant Cash Advance Loans – When and How to Use This Financing Tool

I live in the world of business finance and speak to Business Owners every day regarding their business and cash flow requirements; there are many products and…

How to make your company bankable when credit is hard to get

Compared with the United States and the United Kingdom, factoring is underdeveloped in Canada, at about US$4-billion worth, versus US$300-billion and US$600-billion,…
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BizTV Canada Interview

Watch Jonathan Brindley on BizTV Canada as he discusses several alternative financing options available.
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Full Factoring or Spot Factoring – Which is Right for You?

What is the difference between ‘full’ factoring and ‘spot’ factoring? The answer to that might be – your comfort level. “Ask any small business…