Reduce Wasteful Spending

I thought reducing wasteful spending in your business is always a good thing…right?

I’m always surprised at the response from business owners when I suggest they can possibly save money every month, with minimal to no effort on their part. There is generally push back before I can finish my statement. I’m not even promoting a service that has anything to do with me or my business. I guess it has to do with the skepticism of “something for nothing”.

It’s true, there is the possibility of a little effort, but if the suggestion comes from a trusted source, it is definitely worth listening.

A perfect example is the service of Rob Goodale at Schooley Mitchell. Schooley Mitchell delivers objective advice and analysis to ensure you are receiving superior telecommunications and card processing services at the best price. They are independent of all vendors and act only with your best interests in mind.
A risk-free review will identify the challenges you face and provide practical, cost-savings solutions.  The best part – If they don’t find savings for you, there is no fee for their services.

This seems like a no-brainer to me. Here is an overview of their services:
• Billing error identification and recovery
• Ongoing optimization of landline, long distance, wireless services, data, internet, conferencing & more
• Merchant services analysis, including credit card, debit card, eCheck & ACH transactions
• Project management, needs analysis, technology recommendations
• Assisting with hardware upgrades & installs, office relocations, network integration

Let an experienced professional like Rob Goodale look into reducing your overhead, while you keep growing the business.