Local businessman commits $25M to fund mid-market businesses

The Greater Philadelphia Region Chamber of Commerce report Mobilizing Greater Philadelphia’s Middle Market named “access to capital needed for growth” as one of the region’s most pressing needs. In response, local entrepreneur Jack Wilson is committing up to $25M to area businesses.

Philadelphia, PA – Jack Wilson, owner of local financing company Liquid Capital of Greater Philadelphia, has worked with small and mid-sized businesses for over 30 years. As a successful entrepreneur himself, he understands the challenges posed when a capital shortfall is all that’s stopping a business from delivering on its potential. That’s why he was ready to step in when he saw that funding access was becoming a major issue in his own business community.

On January 31, 2017, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia—where Jack’s business is located—released the results of a report based on extensive data collected on regional mid-market businesses. Titled Mobilizing Greater Philadelphia’s Middle Market: A Critical Engine for Regional Growth, the report takes a hard look at the nature and needs of the area’s mid-market businesses—a sector the report says “represents 27% of total employment despite accounting for only ~1% of companies” and “is a critical growth and employment engine for the economy.”

“When I read the report, the fact that the region’s mid-market businesses identified lack of effective access to capital as a major issue jumped out at me immediately,” Wilson asserts. “That’s what I do. That’s what Liquid Capital does. I knew right away we would be able to make a difference for local businesses that just need the right financial support to realize their goals.”

To make his vision of helping the local business community of the Greater Philadelphia area a reality, Wilson turned to Toreigh Stuart, CEO of Next Edge Capital; an investment management firm Liquid Capital works with. Stuart agreed to back and fund the initiative. “When we signed on to work with Liquid Capital, this is exactly the sort of project we had in mind,” declares Stuart. “We look for innovative opportunities for our investors—ones that go beyond stocks and bonds—and with Jack’s project and Liquid Capital’s unique funding approach, we can not only meet that commitment but hopefully be part of some real business success stories. It’s win-win-plus.”

Notably, this funding project includes B2B companies across most industries that are asset strong, and those that obtain funding can put it to whatever use they choose, from purchasing equipment or increasing advertising, to funding payroll or paying expenses. “I’m really excited about what some of our dynamic local businesses will be able to do,” says Wilson. “Good things are going to happen.” He is currently in discussions with local business associations interested in providing their members with access to this $25M pool of capital.

Liquid Capital has been providing trade finance and working capital solutions to businesses across North America for almost 20 years. “In a world of disruption and uncertainty, we at Liquid Capital think it’s important to offer small and medium sized businesses a stable and reliable source of financing”, says Sol Roter, President of Liquid Capital.

For more information, please contact Jack Wilson at  866- 584-8008 or jwilson@liquidcapitalcorp.com.

About Jack Wilson – Jack Wilson is the owner and principal of Liquid Capital of Greater Philadelphia who runs a certified minority business enterprise (MBE). An experienced entrepreneur and small business mentor, his background includes project management, finance, accounts receivables management, and sales and process management. Jack is a fair and ethical decision maker,who actively serves the local business community, and regularly participates in workshops and panel discussions.

About Liquid Capital – Liquid Capital is a global full-service working capital and trade finance company. It has the largest geographic footprint of alternative funding professionals in North America, offering clients a customized and flexible approach with local decision makers. It offers a complete range of solutions for all industries and provides immediate financing upon approval with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

About Next Edge – Toreigh Stuart is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for Next Edge Capital. With over two decades’ experience selecting and monitoring investment managers, he is passionate about finding unique investment ideas. Toreigh’s main role is assessing and structuring investment opportunities in an efficient manner, with a focus on ideas that emphasize increased risk-adjusted returns with low levels of correlation to traditional stocks and bonds.