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12 Hidden Costs Of Running Your Small Business

You’ve made a business plan, hired staff, bought inventory and made sales. Everything’s going great…until the unexpected costs show up. Avoid the surprises by planning for the eventuality of these 12 hidden costs. 1. Employee Perks “Whether you have 5 or 500 people on your staff, there are several employee expenses that must be taken […]

7 Amazing Networking Tips For Every Entrepreneur

Where do you turn to when you need business advice? Every entrepreneur knows the value of speaking to their peers, especially when they operate a home-based business or small enterprise and rely on a close network of trusted advisors. We recently held our annual conference in beautiful Montreal, Canada, where our franchisees came together to […]

3 Biggest Financial Challenges Facing Small Business Owners

When the going gets tough, it’s usually finance-related. Here are the three challenges you may be facing with your small business, and tips to overcome them. 1. Positive Cash Flow Every small business knows that cash flow is a top priority. You need liquidity in order to channel funds into your other top strategic priorities. […]

How Do I Improve My LinkedIn Posts?

This is a great question. You’ve been posting updates from your LinkedIn company page or personal profile, but are they being seen? And are they working? How to see your results The first indicator of performance is to look at the likes, comments and shares of each of your posts. Click on “Profile” and then […]

Bullet Points: How Asset-Based Lending Increases Cash Flow

Time is money, and when you’re in need of cash flow you need to get information fast. Let’s cut to the chase with the bullet points on asset-based lending. What is Asset-Based Lending (ABL)? An asset-based loan allows you to leverage your accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and real estate in order to get access to […]

Rio Welcomes The Launch Party For Inaugural ArtsGames

The Olympics have come to Rio, amidst much fanfare and swarms of media attention. But there’s another hot ticket in town, and you’re going to be hearing a lot more about it in the near future. The inaugural ArtsGames is a global competition that was created byOlympian Sylvia Sweeney. As the niece of the late […]

8 Ways to Promote Your SMB Like a Boss

We help businesses grow by accessing much-needed capital they can use for activities like equipment purchases, operational support and fulfilling product orders. But how do you promote your business to get the word out to your customers and prospects? That’s just as important, and finding the right tactics that are cost-effective and don’t consume all […]