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Will my business qualify for accounts receivable factoring?

Using these quick checklists will help to make sure your company, sales and invoices are the right fit for accounts receivable factoring. When the bank denies your loan, you have options. If you need extra working capital and your bank loan application has been denied, you still have options. Invoice factoring (also called “accounts receivable […]

Is my money running out? Create a cash flow budget to find out.

Your company’s financial health is top priority, so create a cash flow budget to get immediate insights and reveal details about future success. Every entrepreneur and business professional would love to have a crystal ball to look into the future of their business. However, if you’re short on future-telling devices around the office, you still […]

How to improve your team’s sales prospecting skills

Even the most seasoned sales teams can benefit from brushing up on their sales prospecting skills. These top tips can help you get started! Without the right skills in place, sales prospecting in the relationship economy can take a lot of time, money and effort. Two of the most important areas for improving your team’s […]

How to access funding through business grants

Exploring how to access business grants, with examples of interesting grant options in the U.S. and Canada. As a business owner, your demand for working capital can be met through multiple funding solutions. One of these routes to accessing capital is through business grants. Grants exist with local governments as well as private foundations. They […]