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3 Biggest Financial Challenges Facing Small Business Owners

There are many financial challenges facing small business owners, but with the right guidance and support, you can overcome them to grow and flourish. When the going gets tough, it’s usually finance-related. Here are the three challenges you may be facing with your small business, and tips to overcome them. 1. Positive Cash Flow Every […]

Does my business qualify for invoice factoring?

Follow these quick checklists to make sure your company, sales and invoices fit the criteria so that you qualify for invoice factoring and get approved for more working capital. When the bank denies your loan, you have options. Invoice factoring (also called «accounts receivable factoring» or just «factoring») could give you the funds you need […]

What is recourse invoice factoring?

Learn about the benefits of recourse invoice factoring and how it can offer you even more immediate working capital. For small and medium-sized businesses, there are many benefits to factoring your invoices. Instantly increasing your cash flow is, of course, the number one reason. But you can also benefit from outsourcing your back office support, […]

Making sure you safely store your business contracts

Photo Cred: https://edubirdie.com When you finalize your business contracts and seal them with signatures and stamps, they are legally valid documents. Unfortunately, business owners often don’t pay adequate attention to storing their contracts safely for reliable retrieval in the future. Why will you need to retrieve your contracts? It’s important to keep your contracts in […]

Asegúrese de conservar en un lugar seguro sus contratos comerciales

Al finalizar, cerrar y firmar un contrato comercial con sellos y estampillas, dicho contrato se convierte en un documento válido y legal. Desafortunadamente, a menudo los empresarios no prestan la atención adecuada al almacenamiento de sus contratos en un lugar seguro del que puedan recuperarse de manera fiable en un futuro. ¿Para qué necesita recuperar […]

7 steps to create your cash flow budget

Every company is obsessed with cash flow. To stay afloat, companies need to ensure they have enough money available to fulfill their obligations such as paying salaries, vendors, suppliers, loans and investing back in the business. As explained in part one, a cash flow budget shows you exactly how much cash is coming in and […]