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What are the world’s best sales reps doing right?

The world’s top sales pros are uncovering hotter leads, winning bigger deals and earning more revenue than their peers – all because of awesome new sales tactics. So what is their secret? The key is adjusting your playbook the right way — and adding three key sales techniques. According to Jonathan Lister, Vice President of […]

3 sales tactics that no longer work (Plus 3 new ones that do!)

The state of sales has completely evolved. Old sales strategies no longer work, and any salesperson using traditional tactics likely can’t compete with the modern sales leaders who’ve adopted new methods. Exactly what sales tactics aren’t working anymore, and what should we replace them with? Jonathan Lister knows a thing or two about social selling. […]

Need a Bank Loan? 16 Ways Factoring is Better

If you own or operate a company, you probably know the challenges of finding business funding. Relationships with banks are important, but sometimes bank loans don’t work out. That’s where alternative financing options like factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, come in handy. Factoring allows you to leverage your existing and ongoing customer invoices […]

7 New-School Digital Marketing Tricks For Your SMB

We’ve shown you how you can leverage seven old-school marketing tricks for your small and medium-sized business. Of course, old-school isn’t the only way, and you can always teach a dog new tricks. Our business is all about helping other businesses get access to funding and grow. But aside from finances, part of business growth […]

Why Airbnb recommends you should fail often

And how to use failure as a guidepost. At a recent business conference, a young professional walked on stage to deliver the final keynote. With confidence, he stated: “Failure is the tool I use to figure out if we are really being ambitious enough.” Jason Silver was speaking about his experience working with Airbnb as […]