Effective communication skills

How leaders can navigate these market recovery trends

Liquid Capital’s Fall Roundup: As the economy begins to stabilize, how can you successfully navigate the market recovery?

market recovery trends

This year, there has been a substantial shift in the ways that customers and employees engage with companies. For many entrepreneurs and business owners, much time will be spent navigating current market recovery trends.

From finding enough time and mental stamina every day, to make impactful decisions and changes for your business, to motivating yourself and those who work for you — only the strongest will successfully emerge from the upcoming COVID-recovery period.

Manage your time more effectively as you navigate the COVID-recovery period

time management market recovery trends

Recovering from the ripple effects that the pandemic had on businesses will take serious time and energy — something that most entrepreneurs were running short on before COVID struck. Leaders who want to ensure that they’re able to take their companies into the next year (and years to follow) must be able to allocate the right amount of time to the right tasks. The company, its employees and its customers depend on it. These five tips can help you get started mastering the skill of time management.

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Keep employees motivated if they’re still working from home

Keep employees motivated

After almost two years of remote work, workers are struggling with mental health, productivity and overall success now more than ever. And while many employees are making the transition back to the office, many more are continuing to work from home. Is your office space still in transition to fully on-site or are you and your employees continuing to work from home? And what can one author’s experience being homeschooled teach us about shifting how we work remotely? Find out below!

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Better mental health leads to better decision-making during times of uncertainty

Better mental health

Our brains were not made to constantly shift in response to the new demands of a quickly changing world. And since the pandemic hit, many leaders have been pivoting on a dime and being agile in order to stay competitive. Accepting that our brains were physically not designed for this kind of stress is the first step to becoming stronger. The next step is embracing the following top strategies.

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Effective communication skills: The leadership key to 2022

Effective communication skills

From active listening to asking effective questions to getting comfortable being uncomfortable, if you want to lead a team with ease your communication skills must be on point. Here are nine of the best ways that you can start improving the quality of your communication and, in turn, lead your team better.

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