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15 legendary entrepreneur quotes that will inspire any business pro

Featuring Emily Clark, Guest Contributor

Every entrepreneur’s success, big or small, begins with a brilliant idea. If worries or anxieties held back the world’s top business people, we would have missed out on incredible things like the personal computer, Facebook, the iPhone and even Harry Potter.

If fear of failure has ever held you back from running your own small business, don’t worry – you’re not alone. 40% of entrepreneurs share that sentiment, and it can roadblock from taking on new challenges in their professional lives.

We hear time and again how many top entrepreneurs succeeded only after failing – often over and over on multiple projects. Remember that failure is the first step towards success. Instead of being intimidated, you can use that feeling as personal motivation. The key for these top entrepreneurs was to keep their nerves strong throughout the hard times, be calm and battle through.

When you’re in a tense situation and fear is staring you down, it’s worth imitating the pros who have walked a mile before you. Take the famous example of Steve Jobs, who converted his failures into a rebirth of Apple, launching the iPod to become the most successful and arguably adored person in the tech world.

In the following infographic, “45 Legendary quotes from successful entrepreneurs” brought to you by Total Processing, see how notable entrepreneurs like Jobs, Bezos, Huffington and Beyoncé have viewed their golden journeys and stared down this fear of failure. These legends are experts in their fields, and their inspirational quotes will surely provide motivation to take on any fear and define your own legacy.

Legendary entrepreneur quotes


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