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Podcast hit list for business owners & entrepreneurs

podcast hit list for business

If you’re not listening to podcasts, you might be missing out.

These online audio shows have become one of the best ways to keep current in the business world — and they’re also entertainingly addictive. Need more proof?

44% of people have listened to podcasts, and about 26% listen regularly. Almost a quarter of people listen in the car, while half listen at home (or maybe even in the gym or at the office). And with over 550,000 podcast shows at your fingertips, you might need a recommendation to shortlist your choices.

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New to podcasts? No problem, it’s easy to start listening. Just follow these quick steps to listen from any device.

With so many options, here is a quick hit list of fantastic business-related podcasts to check out first.

Inside LaunchStreet

Are you ready to innovate? Get inspired by this weekly program that helps you foster your innovation through stories of those that have been in your shoes — and then leaped over tall buildings. The impossible is possible when you have the support and advice to go farther and faster than you ever expected.

Outside In

What are the secrets of the biggest brands in the world? Not their secret recipes or their up-and-coming product launches — but how do they find ways to genuinely connect with their customers? Outside In looks at the best practices to create a “customer-inspired organization.”

Business Wars

Mega-brands like Netflix, HBO, Nike and Adidas are battling everywhere we look — whether it’s for market share, revenue or just pure bragging rights. Learn what drives these companies and their leaders to new heights — and potentially to ruin.

Leaders in the Trenches

“Conversations with leaders for leaders.” Recognized by Inc and Entrepreneur Magazines, this show focused on how the top of the org chart can grow companies with defined cultures, stronger sales and in a way that better serves their teams.

HBR IdeaCast

A must for every new listener, this weekly show from Harvard Business Review explores captivating topics from unconventional startup models to ways that artificial intelligence will change your business.


Aimed at high-achieving, entrepreneurial women who are ready to step into the CEO role at their business, this podcast features businesswomen who address challenges you may also experience at your company, along with clear direction on moving forward.

Start with Why

Inspired by the marketing master Simon Sinek, this short-lived podcast features lasting lessons on developing a career that you truly love, and how to harness the power of “why.”

Duct Tape Marketing

You may recognize their catchy name based on years of great articles shared widely in the marketing world, and now you can get their advice in podcast form. Featuring interviews with some of the top personalities in the marketing world, learn about developing the right business idea, using local SEO more effectively and tips on how to stay top of mind.

Odd Lots

How do the paparazzi really get paid? Are algorithms secretly controlling our lives? Get a quirky look into hot topics in the markets, finance and economics with two top Bloomberg hosts.

Back to Work

Overcome common challenges in the workplace with this entertaining look at productivity and communication tools, plus the barriers and constraints that can hold you back.

The $100 MBA Show

This short-format show was awarded as an iTunes Best Podcast featuring “no fluff episodes” that are packed with real-world lessons from some of the business world’s top experts.

Millionaire Interviews

Actionable advice for entrepreneurs, this podcast features the journeys of wildly successful business founders who have been featured on Forbes, Shark Tank and Time Magazine.

Planet Money

Popcorn! Peanuts! Candy apples! From NPR’s finest creative minds, this economic podcast has the knack for dressing up the drab. How do ballpark vendors use strategy to sell snacks? When and why did CEOs start getting incredibly high pay? Get all the fascinating stats and facts.


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