How Do I Improve My LinkedIn Posts?

This is a great question. You’ve been posting updates from your LinkedIn company page or personal profile, but are they being seen? And are they working?

How to see your results

The first indicator of performance is to look at the likes, comments and shares of each of your posts.

Click on “Profile” and then “Your Updates” from the drop-down menu.

This will show you a list of your recent activity including all the posts you’ve shared. At the bottom of each post you’ll see if people are engaging with your content.

If there aren’t a lot of engagements then it means the audience isn’t finding the posts relevant. Everyone’s audience is a little different, so it may take some time to improve your performance, but even a little adjustment can go a long way.

Here are five immediate things you can do to improve your LinkedIn performance.

1. Share your opinion

When sharing someone else’s blog article or post, try adding your own opinions or personal thoughts to the beginning of your post. For example, “This is the best explanation of small business financing I’ve ever seen.” followed by the post. This gives your followers insight into why you’re sharing the post and should encourage them to click and engage.

2. Change or add an image

Make sure your posts contain image that resonates more with your personal audience. Use a vibrant image with colour and interest that will cut through the clutter on people’s newsfeeds. If you’re sharing a webpage or blog article, you can flip through various images from that page by clicking on the directional arrows once you enter the website URL. Or upload your own image by clicking the image icon on the top right of the update box.

3. Post at a different time or day

Switch it up a bit by posting at different times of day. Often, LinkedIn users will be more responsive early in the morning or later in the day, outside of their regular work hours. So try to post at different times when your audience may be more receptive. Don’t forget to post on Saturday and Sunday as well. You’ll have less competition on the news feed, and users are still checking in on weekends.

4. Engage with more LinkedIn users

Usually by increasing how often you like, comment and share posts from others, the more likely they’ll be to reciprocate. Make it a habit to like at least one or two posts every day on your news feed. And commenting on posts from your connections can go a long way. Even to say “Thanks Denise, that was a great post!”

5. Post new types of content

Try to post different types of content than normal. If you always post content from the same source like your company website or favourite news outlet, it will make your page a “one-trick pony.” Instead, find interesting content from industry websites and blogs, news sites and LinkedIn Pulse, then share those on your page along with your own brief commentary. At least 50% of your posts should be fresh content from sources other than your own company sites. This will make your feed valuable to your connections.