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Learn This Quick Way to Take Advantage of Supplier Discounts

Sometimes you’ll come across a business deal that’s too good to pass up, but the payment terms are too short, or worse yet…there are no terms. That’s…
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See how our workplace expectations have changed since 1946

What motivates you at the office? How do you approach meetings and group work? Do you challenge authority or look up to them? All of your answers are probably…
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How Lending Fees and Terms Matter – Part One

Not all alternative or asset-based lenders are equal. Terms, fees and responsiveness are generally the most relevant aspects of the relationship between us and our clients. We take these relationships very seriously and so should our referral partners and prospective clients, therefore we will cover some of the key elements regarding alternative business lending fees.
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Is that “angel investor” actually a demon in disguise?

You’ve seen them on TV — those sharp-dressed, smooth-talking angel investors with big personalities and even bigger wallets. Sure, they’re charming and…
Two male workers in a factory

Air Oasis

Getting into the right financial condition It takes vision, ambition and talent to grow your business. But once that growth starts to happen, it also takes capital.…