Drive business results

Drive business results: Rely on your invoice factoring partner for more than just cash

At Liquid Capital, your local Principal is more than just a source of capital — they’re industry and funding experts who want to help you drive business results.

Drive business results

When a business is experiencing a lack of sufficient cash flow, taking out a bank loan and offering clients early payment discounts are two common tactics used to fill the gaps. But there’s another solution that could be a better strategic decision: utilizing invoice factoring services from a commercial finance company.

Unfortunately, invoice factoring is often misunderstood among business owners who view it as a “last resort” financing option. In the right circumstances, however, invoice factoring can be the ideal strategic solution for business owners and CFOs who are looking to drive business results.

“The partnership has been really positive and Liquid Capital helped position us to grow the company. Last year, we grew around 20% and we expect to grow another 20% next year. With this funding strategy, we’re set up to keep expanding.”

Claudia Serna, Owner of Serna’s Trucking

If you are a commercial finance professional, you know that your clients look to you for creative and strategic financing solutions, including solutions that might be a little bit outside the traditional box such as invoice factoring. However, you can build trust and strengthen client relationships by being proactive and presenting invoice factoring as a reliable option with them before they find themselves in a cash flow crunch.

Choosing the right financing partner to help drive business results

Who you partner with is important, and if you choose the right one, you’ll gain much more than just working capital. Your invoice factoring partner will have insights into your customers and your company’s financial records. They should also act as a trusted business advisor who can help guide you through various challenges and opportunities.

Learn key questions to ask to choose the right factoring partner.

Liquid Capital offers invoice factoring and other asset-based and alternative lending solutions to businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. We go beyond a transactional approach with our business clients in order to help them with overall strategic planning when it comes to commercial financing.

Our local Principals are business owners, helping business owners.

“My Liquid Capital Principal is always just a call away. It’s so reassuring to know that I can ask them questions and get their advice. They’re a great wealth of knowledge on the business operations side as well as the financial side. It’s helpful to have someone in your corner, to have an advisor that you didn’t really expect to find, especially someone who’s so available that you can just give them a quick call.”

Adelle Starin, Owner of Baby’s on Broadway

Come for the capital, stay for the partnership

Having a trusted invoice factoring partner as part of your extended team can also focus your entire team’s attention on positive cash flow. Review this solution with the appropriate team members and ensure you’re leveraging all its potential. Accountants, bookkeepers, office managers and other team leads can often contribute to budgeting, resourcing and cash flow conversations.
Naturally, CFOs and other leaders on your executive team should also be working invoice factoring into their financial planning as a key capability, to ensure that your business is never in a crunch.
For many of the business owners that we work with, their local Principal becomes an invaluable resource for information and advice on how to achieve business results. They can also work directly alongside your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

“Sometimes I call my Liquid Capital Principal when I have questions and he is there to lend a hand. When we wanted to start working with a new company, he was able to advise me about the possible benefits and risks. It’s a really good relationship.”

— Claudia Serna, Owner of Serna’s Trucking

In short: Invoice factoring can be part of a strategic plan to keep a business’ working capital flowing, so you can get the results you need.

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