benefits of invoice factoring

What are the benefits of invoice factoring?

By uncovering the benefits of invoice factoring, you’ll also learn how it can help grow your access to working capital without going into debt!

benefits of invoice factoring

Invoice factoring is an alternative form of financing that is available to businesses that may not have an established banking record with a major lender. Banks and traditional lenders often operate on a line-based financing model based on what your business has already done and the assets you currently own. Invoice factoring, on the other hand, is an innovative way for your business to access the funds you have tied up in your accounts receivable.

Here are five major advantages of invoice financing:

1. Shift your cash flow into high gear

benefits of invoice factoring - shift into high gear cash flow

Applying for business loans or alternative financing options can take months to get approved. With invoicing factoring, your business can get much quicker access to cash if you have immediate financing needs.

2. Financial flexibility

If your business requires financial flexibility in terms of maintaining cash flow, then invoice factoring would be your best option. This way, invoices don’t have to be paid in full before there is money in the business account.

3. Higher probability of financial approval

When determining the chances of accessing funding – aspects such as your credit score, collateral, and financing history are often considered with traditional financing. However, these are not required for invoice factoring approvals. Your factoring partner is more focused on the payment history of the customer required to pay the invoice. This is important to understand the level of risk that would be taken in invoice factoring.

4. Save time and money – No collateral required

benefits of invoice factoring - Faster

Normally when a business applies for a loan or line of credit, the bank requires the business to have upfront collateral such as equipment, vehicles, buildings, inventory or even intellectual property. However, with invoice factoring, a business doesn’t have to worry about showing that traditional collateral. This can save you enormous amounts of time and paperwork.

5. Improve customer relationships

Collection can be one of those tasks that can be an administrative headache. By having a professional invoice factoring company manage the collections of your accounts receivable, you’ll be unburdened from this time-consuming task. Along with renewed financial flexibility, you’ll be able to focus on the other aspects of your business — including building stronger relationships with your customers.


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By unlocking the benefits of invoice factoring, you can grow your business even when a traditional loan isn’t an option.

To learn more about invoice factoring, access the complete Invoice Factoring Guidebook here, featuring the top 10 questions to ask your invoice factoring partner before getting started. This guide will help you assess your options to ensure you’re working with a trusted professional who can help when it counts.

Learn how to ask the right questions so that you can ensure you choose the right working capital solution.

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