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Winnipeg small business owners helping local companies access capital

Company provides working capital for small and medium-sized businesses

WINNIPEG, MB – Liquid Capital Alternative Finance Inc. has announced their opening in Winnipeg, Manitoba to offer small and medium-sized businesses an alternative set of financing solutions that can increase a company’s working capital. When business owners cannot obtain traditional bank loans, often due to insufficient credit history or issues meeting bank terms, Liquid Capital Alternative Finance can fill the cash flow gap.

Company owners, Gregg and Dan Martin, have deep roots in the Winnipeg business community, having grown a multi-million dollar family-run enterprise from the ground up. The Martins have the distinct advantage of having been in their client’s shoes and understanding their needs, while also offering a unique line of products and services to meet those needs. “We look at the entire client position and what business goals they’re trying to achieve. Their potential for growth, operational development and having a solid business plan are all taken into consideration,” says Gregg Martin, from his Winnipeg-based office. “Our goal is to help other local businesses grow through proper financing and help get to the next level in their strategy.”

Business partner and father, Dan Martin, knows first-hand how these financing solutions can fill a gap in the market, having led the Martin family’s large-scale manufacturing enterprise called Syn-Tex for over 20 years. “I can understand the difficulties when business owners are up against a cash flow dilemma. Businesses need to be able to deliver on orders quickly, and access to working capital should never get in the way. We can help other companies wipe-out those concerns.” Syn-Tex specialized in innovative products that helped with high-profile applications such as the clean-up at the World Trade Center after 9/11, emergency levee repair in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and closer to home, flood protection at various Manitoba locations.

Gregg Martin also previously operated a Winnipeg-based startup and tech company, which manufactured industrial automation and robotic integration. “Being on the other side of the desk now, I can offer my clients real-world advice and expertise. Startups and tech companies are fast moving, but unfavourable payment terms can limit growth. Growing companies can also spend valuable time looking for venture capital funding, so there has to be a balance. We can work with those companies to get through periods when customer orders are increasing, but the cash isn’t in the bank yet.”

Liquid Capital President of Franchise Operations, Brian Birnbaum, welcomes the Martins to the organization and is thrilled to have such seasoned professionals able to partner with clients. “We’ve had incredible success across Canada, working alongside business owners and operators as true partners, not as transactional dealers,” he states. “We welcome Gregg and Dan Martin to the team and look forward to their success helping grow profitable business relationships in the heart of the Prairies.”

About Liquid Capital

Liquid Capital is a Canadian-based, full-service working capital and trade finance network and has been in operations since 1999. The Liquid Capital network has the largest geographic footprint of alternative funding professionals, with over 80 independently owned businesses across North America, offering clients a customized and flexible approach with local decision makers.

We offer a complete range of solutions for all industries and provide immediate financing upon approval with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

At Liquid Capital, we help you grow your business.

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