New Tampa Bay Area Entrepreneur Launches Company to Support Small Business Growth

TAMPA BAY, Fl. (August 9, 2016) – Mark Coyle announced the opening of his Bay Area Liquid Capital business, which offers alternative commercial funding for small and medium-sized businesses in the Bay Area. For smaller startup businesses in dramatic growth phases, and more established companies that may have had a trigger event like the need for manufacturing and equipment upgrades, the lending products from Bay Area Liquid Capital can be a saving grace.

“I connect with other entrepreneurs and business savvy individuals who need a partner. I don’t directly look for customers that are having cash flow issues, but as the need for working capital arises, the products available can help get clients through the next level of their business.”

With over 15 years experience in sales and 8 years in consumer packaged goods, Mr. Coyle understands the challenges faced by business owners. In addition, Mr. Coyle sees the Bay Area business network as a significant strength and benefit for his clients.

“As a member of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Finance Association, as well as groups like the Association for Corporate Growth, I’ve been widely connected to the great financial professional network. There’s a great crossover with membership, including commercial bankers, business consultants and CPAs who I can work with to help my clients find solutions to meet their cash flow requirements,” Mr. Coyle states.

Making the connections between the financial sector and business owners offers Mr. Coyle’s clients an advantage not possible with other alternative lenders.

“My referral partners have a high level of confidence dealing with me because I have my personal capital invested in the financing, which creates a more client-focused relationship. My clients aren’t underwritten, funded and then passed off. I work directly with each of my clients throughout the entirety of the relationship.”

“I strive to work with my partners and clients face-to-face. That’s an important part to know you’re dealing with someone who truly cares about your business success. Making connections with other entrepreneurs is valuable because we’re in it together and understand each other’s challenges. It really drives me to want to help them.”

This differentiates Mr. Coyle and his Bay Area Liquid Capital business from other competitors who may not have the same passion for mutual success. Growing his business in the Bay Area, Mr. Coyle also shows his appreciation for his community.

“Part of my personal belief is being socially responsible and giving back to the community. We have a large military base here and a large surplus of military men and women coming out of the service. As my company grows, I want to be able to offer those people a position within my company.”

About Liquid Capital

Liquid Capital is a full-service working capital and trade finance network and has been in operations since 1998. The Liquid Capital network has the largest geographic footprint of alternative funding professionals, with over 80 independently owned businesses across North America, offering clients a customized and flexible approach with local decision makers. We offer a complete range of solutions for all industries and provide immediate financing upon approval with no long-term contracts or hidden fees. At Liquid Capital, we help you grow your business.

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