Greg Lingo

Greg and Diane Lingo

Greg and Diane Lingo head up Liquid Capital RVA, a specialty lender that caters to the vibrant entrepreneurs and small business community in the Greater Richmond area. Liquid Capital has the largest number of principals in North America but its Richmond presence is local and accessible. Greg and Diane are a part of the community and work closely with their clients to truly achieve partnership status.

Greg Lingo, company principal and owner, founded Liquid Capital RVA out of a desire to see small businesses succeed. After a long and successful career in national sales for three Fortune 500 companies, Greg decided to launch a business of his own closer to home and Liquid Capital RVA was born. As a small business owner himself, Greg is uniquely aware of the challenges faced by small businesses whether they are experiencing rapid growth, a product launch, restructuring or simply a working capital shortage.

Diane Lingo, company CFO, brings her experience as a “Big Four” CPA and finance executive to Liquid Capital RVA. Diane was CFO of a Virginia technology start-up that eventually went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Steering this company from concept to mature enterprise has given Diane insight into the financing challenges of fast-growing companies. She will evaluate each client’s balance sheet to identify funding options and provide hands-on support to clients at each step in the process.

Liquid Capital RVA’s product portfolio is vast and Greg and Diane tend to work from the inside out – they fit their lending products to the customer’s needs rather than forcing the customer to fit theirs. Liquid Capital RVA is not a bank and therefore is not constrained by traditional lending metrics such as credit scores, financial ratios and historical financial results. Its product portfolio includes accounts receivable financing, purchase order, merchant, and international trade financing, as well as other asset based lending options and equipment leasing. Liquid Capital RVA does not require long-term contracts and in many cases the loans it provides are off balance sheet.

Susan and Frank Mullen

Susan and Frank Mullen own Liquid Capital Strategic Funding, which operates out of Ashburn, VA, where they provide customized, flexible cash flow solutions for cash-strapped businesses.

Susan Mullen has a BS in Accounting, and a Master’s of Business Administration. Prior to opening Liquid Capital Strategic Funding, she worked for more than 30 years as a fractional CFO.  Frank, who also as a Master’s of Business Administration, in addition to a BS in Civil Engineering, is a certified Project Management Professional and previously worked in the US navy, as a Civil Engineer, and as a Senior Level Federal IT Contractor.

They founded Liquid Capital Strategic Funding based on their desire to use their business backgrounds to provide expertise and practical, actionable advice to help other business owners grow their businesses and be successful. Frank and Susan have a passion for helping small businesses grow, which drives economic growth, putting more people to work. They work to be a catalyst for local, small business growth, understanding that this can have large, even global effects; they helped a client through a business restart to over $400K in sales in 2016 which has helped the client’s family’s factory in India that employs a large number of people.

Frank and Susan are members of the Loudon Chamber of Commerce, the Reston Chamber of Commerce, the Tip Club and the Rotary Club of Ashburn. Additionally Frank is also a member of the Retired Military Officers Association and the American Legion.

Susan & Frank are very active in their community with service projects. Susan is the coordinator for Northern Virginia Diaper Bank and forged a partnership with Giant Food (Ahold Corporation) to get the 60K diapers needed to supply diapers to the extreme poor in their community. Frank and Susan also volunteer with Flags for Heroes, Sandwiches for Homeless, Child Seat Safety Check, Stream Cleanups Though they are long-term residents of Virginia, both lived abroad during part of their childhood; Frank in Japan, Susan in Bolivia. Susan and Frank are avid readers, and love hiking, travelling, camping, and cooking.