Jim Craven

Jim Craven

Jim Craven owns Liquid Capital Corporate Solutions, located in Lethbridge, Alberta, which provides working capital to business owners in need.

Jim, a long-time resident of Alberta, has a Bachelor’s of Management, specializing in marketing and finance. He has extensive experience in sales, particularly in the construction and technology industries.  Jim was driven to open Liquid Capital Corporate Solutions by the thrilling prospect of owning his own business and a desire to create win-win situations with other business owners.

Jim cares deeply about small to medium sized businesses and is passionate about helping them move forward and succeed. As an “outside the box thinker,” Jim is dedicated to working closely with local businesses to develop creative solutions to their financial issues. Honest and consistent, Jim’s main goal is to amass as many success stories of business growth and turnarounds as he can!

Outside of work, Jim enjoys spending time with his family and watching golf, hockey, and basketball.


Timothy Bushko

Timothy Bushko

Hi, Tim Bushko here, the owner and principal of Liquid Capital Funding.  As a commercial finance specialist, I’m available to make your business succeed.

I understand the importance of cash flow and the need to meet your commitments, especially as a company grows.  It’s this kind of experience that lends itself to my hands on service approach, offering my Liquid Capital clients a competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

Small businesses represent an important part of the economy and as they grow so does their need for financing.  Regardless of size every business eventually faces the reality that additional working capital is required.  Acquiring financing from banks and other traditional sources can be frustrating.  It can be a long and
difficult process that often leads to disappointment.

Factoring is a realistic alternative to conventional means of lending, the factoring process is simple.  As a business owner you sell your receivables to Liquid Capital, and receive an immediate infusion of cash, based on those invoices.  With a pre-arranged fee structure in place you decide how many invoices to sell and to what extent funding is required.

The difference between Liquid Capital Funding and most factoring companies is you will be dealing with the person that sign’s the cheque and not a Salesperson or Account Manager.

Dean Weinkauf

Dean Weinkauf

Dean Weinkauf is the President of Liquid Capital Advantage Corp, in Cypress County, Alberta, where he provides working capital to local Alberta businesses.

Dean was educated at the Medicine Hat College graduating with a Diploma in Business Administration in 1991.  He was awarded the Alexander Rutherford award for Student Leadership for his role as Vice-President and President of the Medicine Hat College Student Association.  Dean has worked for I-XL Industries, doing their financial, cost and production accounting, and Corlac Oilfield Equipment. In addition he has owned two successful trucking companies; Jade Trade and Goulet Trucking (1989) Ltd which specialized in hauling crude oil, emulsion and fresh water for fracing.  In 2005, Dean founded Liquid Capital Advantage Corp, which specializes in oil and gas business factoring.

Dean lives in Medicine Hat with his wife Ruby, and their three children.


Jack Smart

Jack Smart

Jack Smart heads up Liquid Capital Smart Solutions Ltd, in Calgary, Alberta, which offers small and medium-sized businesses alternative financing solutions to support their daily operations and growth.

Jack is that business executive who will go the extra mile to make a difference and stems from a customer driven, client oriented career path. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a solid background in Business Development, Marketing, and Finance, Jack brings a solutions-oriented perspective to the world of small business financing.

Having owned and operated small businesses for over 30 years, Jack understands the importance of cash flow and the need to meet customer expectations – especially as a company grows. It’s this kind of experience that lends itself to Jack’s hands-on service approach, offering his Liquid Capital clients a competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

With a progressive management career behind him, Jack honed his business skills with giants like Bell Canada and Telus, in a super-competitive marketplace and an ever-demanding environment. Thriving in these dynamics, he learned to appreciate the short term daily challenges, but without losing site of the “big picture” – it’s a business approach that has become routine.

Married, and the proud father of boy-girl twins, Jack Smart has positioned himself as an accomplished, personable business executive. He plays an active role in the community, and as a member of Calgary’s Advisory Committee on Accessibility, he works to improve accessibility to buildings, properties and services within Calgary and surrounding areas. Also active in wheelchair curling, Jack thrives in the competitive atmosphere at the national and international level.

Judy Perdomo

Judy Perdomo is everything you want in a financial business partner: caring, determined, results-driven, straight-talking and personally invested in your success.

When banks can’t move as quickly as you need – or worse, give you a skeptical, sidelong glance – there is an alternative: Liquid Capital Rockyview and their unconventional asset based lending and factoring solutions. When you need to make payroll, pay bills or grow your business, you need access to working capital and a financial partner as adept and innovative as you are. Connect with Judy on Monday; have money in hand by Friday. For real.

Judy gets it. As a business owner with “skin in the game” herself, she’s intimate with the challenges and goals of successful entrepreneurship. Judy founded Liquid Capital Rockyview in 2004 and has been instrumental in helping motivated businesses survive, thrive and grow. An Alberta-based courier service doubled their sales within weeks of starting work with Judy, growing annual sales from $485,000 in 2007 to nearly $8 million by 2015. Other business partners include oilfield operators (welding calibration, containment and tank farm monitoring, disaster cleaning and restoration), an entrepreneurial health professional and even a Dragon’s Den participant who invented a tool to assemble flat-pack furniture.

In addition to gaining access to her large network of complimentary professionals and organizations to help your business win, years spent working in public accounting with EY, Deloitte and PwC means Judy is uniquely positioned to help solve your cash flow problems with experience and understanding.

If cash flow issues keep you up at night, a smart, connected and passionate financial champion on your team can help. Call Judy today.


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Glen Buchner

Glen Buchner

Glen Buchner is the owner of Liquid Capital West, in Edmonton, Alberta, where he helps local businesses acquire working capital to support their growth and success.

Glen has extensive experience in various treasury and cash management positions in the public sector, retail, energy services and consulting environments.  Determined and empathetic, Glen always provides honest answers and works to steer his clients towards success. Committed to customer service, Glen’s proudest achievement is the strong, long term relationships he has been able to form with his clients. When a long-time seasonal client was struggling with tax issues, Glen was able to meet with the tax department, broker a solution and ensure the client stuck to the agreement and that their business would survive.  Glen is happy to be able to say that this client continues to work with him after 14 years. This dedication to fulfilling the needs of his clients is why Glen has earned a reputation as a trustworthy source of unique financial solutions.

A resident of Alberta for 53 years, Glen enjoys biking and playing guitar in his spare time.