Smart social strategies that keep your customers coming back

Image courtesy of Pexels

More than 50% of customers part ways permanently following a single poor experience. That’s a lot of pressure to make every interaction count, especially since the bar has been set so high — and people’s expectations are constantly on the rise. And because of new online platforms, namely social media, it’s even easier for customers to voice dissatisfaction — or jump ship altogether.

Whether you’re selling products online or just have a website to market your business, keeping a positive online presence will be a key to success for any modern business. It’s no surprise to find recent statistics indicating that e-commerce is booming in particular, and some experts predict the U.S. will see as much as $600 billion spent via the web in 2019.

Fortunately, there are many ways to capture those uplifting reactions online and showcase your client base singing your praises.

Build a user-friendly experience

As Oberlo points out, offering self-help content on your website can immensely improve your customers’ interactions. Think in terms of FAQ pages and a live chat on your site to allow your customers to quickly and easily find the answers they need.

Another idea is to reward customers when they provide feedback on products, such as offering monthly drawings for e-gift certificates. It’s a chance to show your customers their opinions matter and that you’re listening. Consider using a product review platform if you aren’t already, and respond to customers who aren’t happy with offers to resolve their concerns.

Add a personal touch

It’s all too easy to let technology expand the gap between you and your customers. Look for ways to assure your customers they matter as individuals. For instance, when they sign up for newsletters, make sure it’s a worthwhile experience for them by regularly providing educational articles, sending information on new products or deals, and sharing news about accolades, milestones, and community interactions that matter to them.

If you have more information on your clients, send a special offer during the month of their birthday, or send out personalized messages at the holidays. You might not be able to shake their hand and wish them well face-to-face, but reaching out tells them they are valued.

Be reachable in all ways

With social media, a customer can reach a thousand or more friends in a flash, telling the good or bad about your company. This offers you a huge opportunity to connect with your client base, since social media is a free opportunity to engage with your audience in a comfortable and convenient way for them.

As Fast Company explains, keeping on top of your social media presence means your customers stay interested and engaged. Respond to comments and questions, and share information which is relevant and timely. You can use a social media management app to simplify the task— just read reviews to find one that suits your situation.

Catch eyes and provide interaction

Keeping things lively on social media means you’ll boost attention and brand recognition for your company. There is an overwhelming amount of information on the web competing for attention, so interesting events such as a design contest can generate interest while entertaining your followers and encouraging them to share what’s happening.

To launch a similar online event, think of a product with broad appeal and invite your audience to create their own versions. For instance, if you sell coffee products, appeal to them by asking for unique concepts of an insulated coffee container. You can showcase the entries through various online avenues, in-house, and at events — sharing photos and notes about the entrants. Then let your customers vote for their top choice and even consider selling a limited edition of products in your e-commerce shop.

No matter what your industry or which methods you connect with customers online, ensure you provide excellent service, personalized connections, and create an online presence which is interesting and reachable. You’ll forge a solid foundation of positive feedback, leading to more referrals and keeping your customers coming back for years to come.