4 ways to keep busy customers happy (without sacrificing exceptional service)

Keep busy customers happy

Image courtesy of Pexels

If you own a successful small business, you know what it’s like to have a busy schedule. Your customers are likely just as busy as you are, so it’s important that you find efficient ways to help them out. But not just any service will do when you need to keep customers happy.

To win your customers over, you’ll need to provide an exceptional experience that will keep them coming back. Here are a few simple tricks to make that happen:

1. Save your customer’s time with easy transactions

Since customers are multi-tasking as much as you are, your checkout process needs to be as smooth and simple as possible. In a retail store, that means investing in a terminal that allows you to accept all forms of payment (even NFC payments and chip cards) and then getting your customers through the checkout process in a flash. The Square terminal could be just the system you are looking for to improve your business operations and streamline transactions for your customers. For e-commerce sites, users will appreciate an easy checkout experience as well, so make sure they can fill their baskets and checkout with minimum clicks.

2. Be prompt and courteous with your communications 

As a business owner, you know the value of your time, so place that same value on the time your customers take to connect with your business. Clear customer communication is what can really set a business apart from competitors, so invest time into making your communications a top priority. If your customers reach out via phone or email, be sure to answer promptly with courteous and professional replies. When those touchpoints occur via social media, your responses should be even quicker. Of course, you can decrease the need for multiple emails with a comprehensive FAQ page so your customers know exactly what to expect from your business and products.

3. Address customer questions and issues ASAP

Answering customer questions is pretty simple. Dealing with upset customers, however, can feel like a nightmare for small business owners. But with the right response, you have a chance to turn one negative experience into a point of growth for your business. You may even be able to retain that angry customer if you respond with humility and focus on fixing the issue, rather than fanning the emotional response. Just like other communications, this is an area where being social media savvy can save your business, and help you provide better service for your customers.

4. Realize that different customers have different needs

When dealing with customer issues and communication, it can be helpful to remember the golden rule… Treat your customers as you would also like to be treated. But it’s also important to know that not every customer will think, shop or behave like you. All people have different personalities, varied emotional responses, and diverse needs, so tailor your operations and service to fit your varied buyer personas.

For shoppers and business owners alike, time is precious, so make sure you use the time you have with your customers to build lasting relationships, and keep your most loyal shoppers coming back again and again. Focus on building those positive experiences, and your business will continue to grow and profit.