A seating soldjer

Defense Products & Services Group USA

Engineering success takes more than know-how After many years working as a military engineer in the US, Ken Fincher came up with an idea that he knew might be…
Cutting flowers

Dig It Apparel Inc

A fast road to success When Claudia Harvey, CEO and Co-Founder of Dig It Apparel Inc, and her partner came up with the idea for Dig It Handwear® —a line of…
A scientist working with biotools


Getting the right tools to the trade For 17 years, BioTools has been innovating and producing many of the scientific instruments critical to both pharmaceutical…
Two male workers in a factory

Air Oasis

Getting into the right financial condition It takes vision, ambition and talent to grow your business. But once that growth starts to happen, it also takes capital.…
Office space


Furnishing growth in a time of turmoil Like many businesses, Mayhew, a leading office design company, was hit hard by the 2008 global financial crisis and the…
Cheese and bread on a board

Silani Cheese

The “cheese” may “stand alone,” but sometimes the company needs help Great cheese does stand alone. Its character speaks for itself. However, mid-sized…