connect with prospects

Connect with prospects in the digital 2.0 world

In the relationship economy, successful business owners and sales teams connect with prospects in new ways. Are you?

connect with prospects

Thanks to digital media, there are many ways to engage with potential prospects in the digital world. Here are three of the top ways to leverage digital marketing to connect with prospects in the relationship economy.

1. Social media

This is a gold mine for finding people already talking about products, services or topics related to your business. Join the conversation that’s already happening and be a helpful and valuable presence. From there, sales reps can build relationships and follow up with potential prospects

2. Content marketing

Whether it’s writing a blog or hosting an informational event, there are plenty of ways to get in front of warm audiences who may be interested in your business. Content marketing examples include creating white papers, informational webinars, eBooks, newsletters and other types of written, video-based or graphical resources. Sales reps can track who engages with this content and follow up.

3. Email marketing

Even in a crowded world, email marketing can keep your business top of mind. Reaching out via email is a great way to deliver valuable information, build relationships and stay connected to prospects. Your sales reps can make one-to-one contact or make use of automation, segmented lists and Sales nurture drip sequences to deliver valuable ongoing content. This email marketing strategy can create brand touchpoints within your prospects’ inboxes on a regular basis.

Can your cash flow support new tactics?

If you or your client are looking for new ways to turn prospects into customers, using digital tactics can help you to connect with a large number of prospects in an efficient amount of time. And thanks to the valuable data they provide, digital tactics are useful for improving prospecting strategies and streamlining your team’s efforts.

However, implementing new tactics and launching strategic campaigns can also mean a need for increased cash flow. Leveraging the power of alternative business funding can give you a much-needed cash flow injection without adding debt to your book of business.


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