Sales prospecting skills

How to improve your team’s sales prospecting skills

Even the most seasoned sales teams can benefit from brushing up on their sales prospecting skills. These top tips can help you get started!

sales prospecting skills

Without the right skills in place, sales prospecting in the relationship economy can take a lot of time, money and effort.

Two of the most important areas for improving your team’s sales prospecting skills are making sure they know how to prioritize their prospects and how to connect with prospects in the digital world.

Prioritizing Prospects

Knowing how to prioritize prospects can help ensure your team is spending their time where they’re most likely to see a return on their efforts.

Here are three ways for your sales team to prioritize their prospect list:

1. Prioritize reconnecting with existing or previous customers

If a customer is, or already has, engaged with your company, it’s far simpler to upsell or cross-sell them on a new offer than a cold prospect. They already know, like and trust you – so it’s easier for them to commit to working with you again.

With a customer relationship data platform, you can send a personalized message to the prospect that offers a next step and how you can help.

2. Prioritize businesses that meet the ideal client profile

Make sure your team takes into account characteristics like industry, job title, location and other factors to ensure they’re spending time on prospects that are likely to convert.

They can further prioritize based on prospects who match the characteristics of customers who tend to bring ongoing or repeat business.

3. Prioritize industries and businesses that are on the rise

A company that has received investment funding or is growing each quarter is more likely to work with you than the one taking losses or still in its early stages.

Invest in tools or software so your sales team can do their due diligence and prioritize prospects based on their growth. They can also compare past annual reports to see changes in revenue and general trends.

In addition to these three areas to focus on, sales reps should factor in global trends and events. Your sales reps should be sure to keep up with business news and trends to make sure they’re focusing on industries that are on the rise.


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