Digital networking strategies

Digital networking strategies to reach new clients

Looking to leverage digital networking strategies to fuel your prospecting efforts? Get started with these top strategies!

Digital networking strategies

Prospecting in the digital world is all about delivering value, building rapport and increasing visibility so you can start conversations on a mass scale. But if you’re busy running your business, it can be daunting to know where to start.

Here are some digital networking strategies to connect with prospects in the relationship economy:

Digital Networking Strategy #1: Use social media to expand your network

LinkedIn is often described as THE professional social media network. It’s a great place to do research and leverage your network for connections. Using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and search engine, you can search for prospects who meet your ideal client criteria. 

LinkedIn groups are also a great place to spark conversations and build rapport with potential prospects. For example, if someone makes a post related to your business, your rep can chime in with a helpful answer and follow up personally with relevant resources.

Like LinkedIn, Facebook has a variety of ways to reach potential prospects. Have your team join active groups that discuss topics that relate to your products and services. From there, they can contribute to the conversation and follow up directly with potential prospects. 

Note that your team will need to adhere to the group rules to ensure they’re not removed. Many groups object to direct promotion of products and services.

Remember, before your team starts using LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social media platform, make sure their profiles are clean, clear and consistent across your company for added credibility.

Networking with webinars

Digital Networking Strategy #2: Host and attend webinars

Hosting informational webinars can attract and engage potential prospects. Although they take preparation and expertise to run effectively, they can be an excellent tool for engaging prospects and showcasing your solution.

The webinar should be valuable and relevant for the prospect by providing educational info on a common challenge or question. Presentation formats that can help convert prospects into leads include product demos, content marketing or training on a specific topic. 

Webinars also provide valuable data about the prospects who attend, such as how engaged or attentive they were during the training. This can help your sales reps prioritize who to follow up with and continue to nurture the prospect.

Digital Networking Strategy #3: Leverage email marketing tactics

If you thought that email marketing was no longer relevant, think again! With marketing emails generating $42 for every $1 spent and providing an ROI of 4,200%, it’s still one of the most cost-effective tactics that you can use.

Using a CRM that supports email marketing will allow you to personalize and track your communications — and some can even allow you to build automated workflows that will send out the right message, to the right person, at the right time. This can free up precious time for business owners who have a small team (or are running the business solo).  

Are traditional prospecting strategies still relevant?

While modern prospecting offers new opportunities to connect with others, traditional prospecting still has its place in your sales process. And when you combine digital networking with traditional sales prospecting strategies, it gives you and your team even more chances to network, prospect and build long-term relationships.


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