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Making the world a better place: innovative businesses that are giving back

Looking to set your business apart from the crowd? Here are three innovative businesses who are making a difference in their local communities and around the world.   Whether it’s an innovative product or operational practice, businesses can benefit greatly from putting innovative ideas at the forefront of their company policies, which can result in […]

Invoice factoring for small business: what you need to know to grow

Invoice factoring for small business explained: How owners and financial decision-makers can increase their cash flows with more reliability. Whether a company needs to raise working capital, accelerate business growth, hire new talent or buy new equipment, invoice factoring is a popular choice of funding. Organizations of all sizes seeking an alternative to bank loans […]

Should your business use invoice factoring services?

Leveraging invoice factoring services from a trusted funding partner can help support your growth. Find out if this alternative funding solution is right for your business. The benefits of invoice factoring, as we’ve discussed, can provide business owners with the freedom to increase cash flow when needed. It can also free up time and resources […]