Publications par Tom Stamborski

The Ripple Effect

As I work with companies in a variety of businesses, I generally focus on specific financing needs that run the gamut of scenarios; from high growth to high financial stress. My client is focused on addressing the company’s financing needs as it impacts company operations and seizing new business opportunities. At first glance, one could […]

Looking Under The Hood

The other day, I was thinking about the complexities of running a business and the many operational and financial components that must be in sync to truly optimize it success. As I thought about drawing a useful comparison, a gas powered car engine came to mind. Taken individually, each part of the engine contributes to […]

Just In Time – Just In Case

When a pressing need arises, we’re just in time. When planning for the future, we’re there…. just in case. In working with a variety of clients, there have been numerous scenarios that called for using my financing services. They have run the gamut from seizing a sizable business opportunity to just keeping the doors open. […]