Publications par Mark Glucki

How to manage cash flow through uncertainty

Part 1 in our « cash flow through uncertainty » series. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven a big test for many small and medium-sized businesses. Being able to manage cash flow during its various stages was key to many companies’ survival, but sadly, those who were not prepared did not survive.  Crises can take many shapes: from […]

Six digital marketing pillars to improve ROI

Businesses have been adapting swiftly into digital sales and marketing — finding new ways to drive revenue even though they might not fit into a traditional “online selling” model. If you’re in this same boat, you may be wondering what digital marketing pillars you should focus on to increase your presence and give you a […]

Scaling your business with invoice factoring

When you’re scaling your business, invoice factoring should be part of your growth plan. Cash flow. It’s often referred to as the “lifeblood” of a business, and for good reason. While most businesses can operate for a period of time with slow sales or little-to-no profits, their days are usually numbered if cash runs out […]