Entrées par Liquid Capital

How asset-based lending works

You might have heard about the term « ABL » — but don’t know exactly how asset-based lending works. Get the overview here in this 3 minute read. For small, medium and large-sized companies that are in search of alternative ways to secure funding — hopefully due to growth and positive strategic pivots — asset-based lending (ABL) […]

Liquid Capital Corp. announced as the exclusive, preferred alternative business funding vendor for the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA).

The board of Illinois Bankers Business Services, the for-profit division of the Illinois Bankers Association has approved Liquid Capital Corp., and their Bank Alliance Program, as a preferred vendor. Established in 1999, Liquid Capital Corp. is a direct funding source that provides strategic alternative financing solutions for business to business companies. They address issues such […]

What Is Fintech And Why Does It Matter?

The term “fintech” seems to be everywhere lately. Is this just a buzzword or is it buzzworthy? Let’s look at the details. What is fintech? Fintech is the shortened term for “financial technology.” It refers to companies that find ways to make financial services more efficient, intelligent and user-friendly by adopting and incorporating innovative technology […]

Lendified Holdings Inc. And Liquid Capital Corporation Announce $20 Million Credit Facility To Support Growth Of Its Small Business Lending Activities In Canada

TORONTO, Aug. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Lendified Holdings Inc. (« Lendified »), a Canadian-based lending technology company offering working capital and related financial services products to the small business community, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Liquid Capital Corporation (« Liquid Capital« ), a company specializing in providing working capital, asset based lending and trade finance solutions. […]

De Nouvelles Solutions De Financement Pour La Communauté Des Affaires De Richmond

RICHMOND (Virginie), le 29 juillet 2016 – Greg Lingo, fondateur de Liquid Capital RVA, a annoncé aujourd’hui l’ouverture de sa firme, qui se spécialise dans les solutions de financement de rechange pour les petites et moyennes entreprises.  M. Lingo a pu constater les obstacles auxquels font face les propriétaires d’entreprise de l’agglomération de Richmond quand ils […]

L’Approche Innovante des Solutions de Liquid Capital Dans le Sud De l’Alberta Aide les Petites et Moyennes Entreprises À Croître

COALDALE (Alberta), le 22 juin 2016 – Jim Craven, entrepreneur, a annoncé aujourd’hui l’ouverture d’un bureau de Liquid Capital Corporate Solutions à Coaldale, en Alberta, près de Lethbridge. Ce bureau offrira aux propriétaires d’entreprise du sud de l’Alberta des services de financement de rechange lorsqu’ils sont incapables d’accéder aux prêts bancaires traditionnels – un problème […]