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Alternative business funders are fueling entrepreneurism — and the economy

During unstable market conditions, alternative lenders are here to keep fueling entrepreneurism. Most entrepreneurs have a certain level of risk tolerance baked into their DNA. It takes courage to have a dream, come up with a solid business plan, and make the leap towards realizing it, but sometimes you need a bit of outside help…particularly […]

Liquid Capital mourns the loss of Robert Thompson-So

With great sadness, we announce Robert Thompson-So passed away suddenly on Thursday, October 13th at the age of 50. Robert, or RTS as he was affectionally known, has been our friend, colleague, mentor and esteemed leader with the Garrington and Liquid Capital teams since 2013 and will be missed by all. Robert’s legacy within the […]

Siete etapas para elaborar su presupuesto de flujo de caja

Para que las empresas logren éxito y crecimiento, necesitan contar con un adecuado flujo de caja para poder cumplir con obligaciones tales como pagos de salarios, de contratistas y de proveedores, y préstamos e reinversión en el negocio. Como se explicó en la primera parte, un presupuesto de flujo de caja le muestra exactamente cuánto […]

10 business quotes for a jolt of motivation

Sometimes, the smallest reminders can be the biggest motivation. Review these business quotes to inspire you and your executive team. We’ve all had those days. Your to-do list keeps piling up, your tank is quickly draining, and you’re running on fumes! You seriously contemplate throwing in the towel and taking that year-long vacation to Italy.  It’s […]