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Is business funding missing genuine human partnerships?

Learn how Liquid Capital Principals provide more than just business funding for SMBs.

business funding

Looking for the right funding partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Although they might feel hard to find, when you find a great partner, it can be quite rewarding. 

Liquid Capital Principals are the needle you have been looking for. Here is how we’re different and why you should consider working with us at the Liquid Capital team. 

We understand small businesses because we’re business owners, too

Liquid Capital Principals are very much in-tune with the needs of SMBs. That’s because we, too, are business owners who understand what it takes to run our own operation. We are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs reach their dreams and ambitions.

We also recognize the pressure that comes with finding capital and funding growth. But more so, we can recognize that unsettling feeling of loan rejections from traditional lending channels such as banks. 

We listen and acknowledge your needs 

Liquid Capital Principals have roots in small and medium-sized businesses, so we are trained to listen and understand the specific needs and challenges of SMBs. 

While conventional lenders try to categorize both small and medium-size businesses together and offer a «one size fits all» loan, our Principals take the time to talk to clients, understand your business, and offer you customized solutions that are designed specifically for your business volume and scope.

We’re not afraid to be honest with you 

business funding

Businesses may feel like they have no choice but to approach their bank for a traditional loan. 

When you work with Liquid Capital, our goal is not to sell you on pervasive funding. We propose solutions that will offer benefits in both the short and long-term. 

Whether it’s asset-based lending, PO financing, invoice factoring, purchase financing program, equipment financing and leasing, working capital advance or top-up financing — you should know the pros and cons of each option.

Often, we have clients that come to us with a certain solution in mind, but after discussions and strategic advice from our Principals, they get a better understanding of the alternatives that end up costing them less while receiving more capital. 

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We give you more control over how you’re funded 

Traditional lending has a “take it or leave it” approach because there’s only a couple of main solutions: loans or lines of credit. Borrowers don’t have a lot of say or control on the terms and conditions, and have to pass strict underwriting standards to get approval. These traditional solutions can leave you in debt and having to manage payment schedules that make you feel burdened, not relieved.

In comparison, Liquid Capital offers a wide range of alternative funding solutions, and our expert team walks you through the solutions so you have a say in how your business is financed. One key example is our invoice factoring option that allows companies to access capital without adding more debt to their books. 

Not only do our Principals present alternative options that would best fit your business model and operational needs, but we also offer strategic advice based on industry trends and financial best-practices — so you always make an informed decision. 

Our success is tied to how your business thrives, so you always have more control over your business finances when you work with us. 


Liquid Capital provides a wide range of funding solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our Principals understand the challenges SMBs are faced with today and can help them smartly borrow money. Contact us today to get the financing your business needs from the people who understand your business.


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