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Focus On The Right Goals – Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how business owners need to focus on whether a sale will result in cash received.  In Part 2, we discussed how business owners need to consider the net cash – the gross profit – that a sale will achieve.  Building on this concept – and after taking […]

Professional, We “get it”, Great Customer Service

  This just in from our Client Satisfaction Survey:  respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that Liquid Capital Advance is professional in its work, and all respondents speak highly of their operations advisor. 75% strongly agree our advisors understand the client’s business, are accurate, listen and understand.  This flows from some of our core values: […]

Solutions Provide Good Value

  Here are some further results from our recent client survey: respondents believe they get good value from working with us, with the majority also stating we have helped them increase their profits. Often people express concerns that our working capital solutions are “high cost”.  However, perspective means everything, and in this case it’s very […]

Liquid Capital Advance Corp. – Client Satisfaction Survey Results

We’re pleased to announce the recent completion of our Client Satisfaction Survey.  Over the next few posts, I’ll be highlighting some of the (stellar!) results. First off, clients indicate we deliver what we promise – in fact, 70% strongly agreed with this statement. In a world with so many broken promises, we hold our integrity […]

Focus On The Right Goals – Part 2

In my last post, we discussed how important it is to focus on whether the customer will pay their bill, rather than just focusing on whether the customer issued a purchase order or signed a contract.  This by definition will bring cash in the door. But that also isn’t the right end goal – it’s […]

Focus On The Right Goals

Back when I owned the BC/Vancouver Liquid Capital office, and again now as I meet with business owners, I have often found they are not focusing on the right things. I think most business owners recognize that one of their key goals is to have a pile of money, though it could be defined as: […]

Back To The Future

In the prior blog post I highlighted my boss, friend and Liquid Capital Advance owner Jonathan Brindley, CPA, CA.  This time around I want to talk about how it’s great to be back – back providing trade finance solutions. I’ve got two primary reasons. Firstly, the people. It seems to me that corporate finance professionals […]

Liquid Capital Advance Corp. helping businesses access funding

Nearly a dozen years ago, Jonathan Brindley, CPA, CA, the founder of Liquid Capital Advance Corp., set out to develop a factoring company. The National Post published an article on his journey a few years back:  ‘One size does not fit all’: How one alternative financing firm went beyond factoring”. «The goal was to create […]