Back to the future

Back To The Future

Back to the future

In the prior blog post I highlighted my boss, friend and Liquid Capital Advance owner Jonathan Brindley, CPA, CA

This time around I want to talk about how it’s great to be back – back providing trade finance solutions.

I’ve got two primary reasons. Firstly, the people. It seems to me that corporate finance professionals are generally some of the nicest people you will ever speak with. Maybe it’s because they and I both have experience in the same industry, or because I’m a CPA, or (lol!) because I’m not asking them for money, but I find them to be very friendly and a delight to speak with. It might be because bankers are in business to help people, and they want to say yes, and there are plenty of times when they can’t say yes, especially now with their employers becoming more selective in approving loans given the recent bank failures and recession they see looming.

Secondly, I also love helping people. At Liquid Capital Advance, we help keep dreams alive – we allow business owners to dream again (literally sometimes, as they get to start sleeping again!).

I owned the BC/Vancouver Liquid Capital office for a decade, and then spent 8 years in other roles.  I find my present role at Liquid Capital Advance Corp. very fulfilling, and am glad to be back!


Dan Effa

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