Publications par Michael Dasappan

Why Isn’t My Business Making Any Money?

If Plan A is not working, do you have a Plan B or are you looking at a blank page and hoping for inspiration? Your business should be actively managed every single day, of every single week, every month to survive. The problem is when you are doing well you want to take a break. […]

It does not have to end this way

Many small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with what they have to do. One of the leading indicators for a failing business is the inability to pay their bills on time. Being overwhelmed, it’s easy to let small things slip and understandable. After all, it’s hard to do everything right when you are […]

Factoring 101

Usually the first question I get when I say my company does factoring is « What’s factoring? ». What is factoring? Factoring involves the sale of invoices to a factoring company. A factor will provide advances against these purchased invoices and will also take care of the collection of these invoices. Why do companies sell invoices? Companies […]

Are you lost in the woods?

An interesting article in the Harvard Business Review called the « The Five Stages of Small Business Growth » talks about the most important aspects of building a small business.The authors point out that after you start finding clients and making income it all comes down to management. Management, they continue, is the most prominent determination of […]