Emerging trends in the COVID-19 recovery market

Liquid Capital’s July Roundup: Here’s what we’re reading this month.

Emerging trends in the COVID19 recovery market

As markets across the world begin opening up and we start emerging from pandemic restrictions, business leaders are looking for ways to remain competitive, increase sales and manage organizational changes. From sales to leadership to change management — if business leaders want to thrive in the post-COVID period they must stay on top of how things have changed. 

This month, we’re sharing some of our favourite articles that can help business leaders navigate their next steps.

Sales Have Changed Forever: How To Move Beyond Relationship-Building

move beyond relationship-building

Every salesperson knows that building strong relationships is essential for success, but they also know that relationships don’t always equate to sales. Just because someone ‘likes’ you doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll buy your product or service. 

With the pandemic, it has become even more difficult to turn relationships into sales. There’s more competition for smaller sales, and in-person meetings have been replaced with virtual ones. This can make it harder to have meaningful connections, so business professionals need to be more efficient, targeted and focused.

If you want to build relationships that turn into sales in the COVID-19 recovery market, there are tactics that you can use to increase your chances of success. Provide value to your prospects and clients by really getting to know and understand them. Focus on cultivating dialogue and stay positive, optimistic, persistent and courageous. 

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What impact do authentic leaders really have on employees during change?

What impact do authentic leaders really have on employees during changeMany organizations have had to pivot or make changes to their operations over the past year and a half. This impacts employees, too. Undoubtedly, two of the biggest factors for how workers will react include the organizational culture of the company and leadership behaviours.

So how can leaders support a positive experience for their employees during times of transformation? A new study looks at how ‘authentic leadership’ can make a big difference, along with the four areas they should focus on (self-awareness, moral perspective, transparency and balanced processing).

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Making transformation stick

Making transformation stick

You’ve researched, planned and carefully executed a shift within your organization. But after the initial launch, what comes next? 70% of organizational changes do not last long-term, so how can leaders ensure that their efforts have staying power?

Follow these 3 steps to make sure changes are sustainable and not just a flash in the pan:

  1. Dedicate leadership energy to sustaining the transformation
  2. Make adhering to the changes part of performance management
  3. Be a living example of the new paradigm 

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20-minute podcast: Lessons in Innovation from Bowie, Beyoncé, and More

What can some of the biggest recording artists of all time teach business leaders about innovation? From demo tapes to artist collaboration, to egoless experimentation, no matter what industry you work in, these lessons from famous musicians can help you support innovation in your organization. So as you lay by the pool, lake, ocean, or wherever else your summer takes you, plug in your headset and check out this motivational podcast. 

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