Just In Time – Just In Case

When a pressing need arises, we’re just in time. When planning for the future, we’re there…. just in case.

In working with a variety of clients, there have been numerous scenarios that called for using my financing services. They have run the gamut from seizing a sizable business opportunity to just keeping the doors open. In many instances, the timing was crucial, and we were “under the gun” to establish the account and start funding. In the alternative financing industry, these occurrences are common. However, it benefits all parties if a more time is available to address the issues on a proactive and strategic basis. While it may be a short term or “one off” financing need that we’re addressing, more often a longer-term integration of alternative financing is called for. That being the case, having time to assess the impact of predictable cash flow and the ability to confidently take on larger clients/orders aids in being able to make critical business decisions, many of which have been deferred due to the lack needed financing resources. Equally important, is the business owner’s ability to utilize those resources as they see fit. By being able to do so, the overall cost of the financing can be more effectively controlled.

At Liquid Capital, we utilize a business model that provides the business owner not only the needed financing but a level of discretion and flexibility to customize our services to their specific needs. Once a client’s customers are approved, our client can choose which customer, which invoice/s and the timing. Whatever the situation; a seasonal spike or lull in sales, a creditworthy but slow paying customer, a supplier needing a payment before shipping or an inordinately large order, the client can use our services as needed. Conversely, if there’s no current need, there is no requirement to use the financing nor any cost for not doing so. Being available as an “On Call” resource gives our clients confidence and comfort in conducting their business free from the frustration of second guessing when or if they’ll have needed cash flow.

This same flexibility benefits our banking partners. In working with a bank client, many times it’s only necessary to finance receivables of a select number of clients and specific invoices versus having the client finance all eligible invoices. This allows us to address the needs of the client while leaving the bank in a secure collateral position…. truly a win/win scenario.

“Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities”. – Walter Scott