Renata Marinzeck

Renata connects businesses to Liquid Capital experts across the United States and Canada to help them access the funding advice and working capital solutions they need to grow.

Robert Thompson-So

Robert Thompson-So serves as President of Liquid Capital Enterprises.

In the financial services industry since 1992, Robert brings to Liquid Capital a background in capital markets, restructuring, mergers/acquisitions, and investment advisory—all areas that contributed to his interest in alternative investment and financing. During his career in the investment advisory industry, Robert earned various designations including the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) and was a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI.)

Active in the trade finance and asset-based lending industry since 2006, Robert fills a major organizational role, working within the executive team and with the board of directors to help identify, plan and execute strategic initiatives across the various lines of business. His main roles include capitalization, marketing/sales, structuring, developing new markets, M&A initiatives amongst others. Robert also spends a large amount of time dedicated to early stage review of transactions for existing clients and strategic funding partners.

In addition to his duties at Liquid Capital, Robert also serves as President of LINE Financial Services, and in various officer and director capacities at Liquid Capital and LINE Financial’s subsidiary and related companies.

“I truly believe the alternative financing industry is on the cusp of becoming more the norm than the exception. Banks are re-evaluating their customer service and business models, but we’re already there with a quick and easy process to get businesses the capital they need to grow.”

Doug Shaffer

Doug Shaffer runs Liquid Capital Business Funding, located in the Houston metro area, Texas, which works with small and mid-sized businesses to help them access the working capital they need to grow.

With a BS in Chemistry from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina and 45 years of experience successfully operating and growing businesses across diverse fields such as high-tech manufacturing, business to business service, and healthcare, Doug has a thorough understanding of what businesses need to be successful. He has created a number of companies with payrolls well in excess of $2 million, and now uses this expertise and knowledge to help small businesses grow by providing realistic, straight-forward solutions, consultation, and working capital when traditional lenders cannot.

Passionate, caring, and focused, Doug is enthusiastic about helping small businesses. He recently worked with a startup that had high growth-rate potential, but no access to working capital. By freeing up the company’s profits that were tied in A/R, he was able to give the business the money it needed to grow within 10 days.

Doug is a member of the Pasadena, TX Chamber of Commerce, the TMA Houston, and the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region. Doug supports numerous missions and community outreach programs through volunteering and fundraising, and likes to spend his leisure time sailboat racing and fly fishing.

Juan Pablo Mondragon

Believing in honesty, transparency and building trustworthy long-term relationships with clients and other partners.

Juan Pablo Mondragon heads up Liquid Capital Resources based in Austin, Texas, which provides local businesses an alternative financing solution to keep their operations on track and their company growing.

With a Masters in Economics, over 20 years in leading positions at commodities trading companies plus extensive experience in business development, sales, procurement, operations and logistics, Juan Pablo has a 360-degree view of what it takes to run a successful enterprise. As an alternative business finance expert, he believes this is the key to providing unparalleled service to his customers, as he strives to understand their business and meet their needs with integrity.

Valuing fellow business owners who rely on trustworthy partners who are transparent in all their business dealings, Juan Pablo works diligently to provide the right funding solutions to business owners through a suite of products including accounts receivable financing (factoring), equipment leasing, purchase order financing and inventory financing. Aside from financial and funding assistance, Juan Pablo believes in providing business mentorship wherever possible and being a partner that can offer exceptional value to his clients.

Juan Pablo has seen the first-hand impact of how a lack of working capital can roadblock an otherwise successful business. In these situations, he has stepped in and provided a better solution, in particular when clients have had challenges accessing funding through traditional banks and lending institutions. Liquid Capital Resources has been able to rejuvenate their clients’ businesses so these companies no longer have to turn down a lucrative deal, miss payroll or not fulfill an order. And through a commitment to business best practices, Liquid Capital Resources has multiplied their own operations in just a few years, with aggressive plans for continued growth to serve their Texas community.

As a member of many local associations including The Marketplace, The Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos, Juan Pablo sees the connection with talented and passionate local business owners as a great strength to his business.

Ron Edinger

Liquid Capital Southwest is owned and operated by Ron and Elizabeth Edinger. Since 2007, their San Antonio company has provided creative and flexible financing solutions to assist businesses of all sizes with their working capital needs. Liquid Capital Southwest has won several awards from the Minority Business Development Agency and the Department of Commerce and is a top principal in the Liquid Capital system. With decades of experience in building, operating and developing businesses, they have the expertise and knowledge to help business owners achieve their goals.

Ron earned an MBA and a Master’s degree in Economics from Columbia University. He began his career at McKinsey & Company, developing financial strategies for Fortune 500 clients. Ron has held top management positions in biotechnology and high technology companies in Silicon Valley, where he raised over $600 million in public offerings and venture capital. As CFO of one of the first biotech companies, Ron led the team that oversaw what was, at the time, the largest initial public offering in the history of the stock market. He also started one of the first asset-based lending companies in Central America and has owned and operated several small businesses. Ron is a Vietnam veteran and served as a Captain commanding a combat unit. Elizabeth is a former educator, corporate trainer, and documentation writer, with a B.A. in English from the University of California at Berkeley.

Bill Brockhaus

William Brockhaus

Bill Brockhaus is the Principal Owner of Liquid Capital West Texas, which offers fast and reliable means of funding and consulting to businesses confronted with cash flow problems. Whether the business is in the process of restructuring, launching a new product line, expanding or simply need cash to manage seasonal demand, Tom has a solution and a plan for the business to grow.

With a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration – Finance/Accounting from the Central Michigan University and more than 20 years of broad based management experience, Bill fully understands how each part of an operation functions. Bill’s extensive expertise in finance, management, product development, manufacturing and materials allows him to thrive under crisis, turning chaos into order and harmony for his clients. Driven by a strong sense of urgency, Bill has a knack for solving immediate problems fast and getting returns right away, leaving the businesses he works with grounded for sustainable growth well into the future.

Bill lives in El Paso, Texas. His passions away from work include spending time and traveling with his family, reading a good book, and playing golf.