New Funding Solutions For RVA Business Community

RICHMOND, Va. (JULY 29, 2016) – Greg Lingo, founder of Liquid Capital RVA, announced the opening of his firm, which specializes in alternative financing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.  Mr. Lingo sees the roadblocks that business owners in the Greater Richmond area face when they are unable to secure bank loans. By accessing much-needed working capital through commercial financing, these businesses can now kick-start their business growth.

“Our product portfolio is vast, and we tend to work from the inside out. We fit our lending products to the customer’s needs rather than forcing the customer to fit ours. We are not a bank and therefore are not constrained by traditional lending metrics such as credit scores, financial ratios and historical financial results.”

Mr. Lingo sees his 30 years of experience as an award-winning national sales professional at three Fortune 500 firms as key to helping his clients succeed in their business. “I understand the challenges faced by small businesses – whether they are experiencing rapid growth, a product launch, a restructuring or if they simply have a working capital shortage. Seeing a business grow and thrive as a result of your work is very fulfilling. Richmond has a growing new business ecosystem that has been compared to Silicon Valley. I want to support and help this local start-up community.”

Building partnerships and business relationships in the local community has been important to the entrepreneur, and Mr. Lingo acclaims local organizations for their advocacy. “The local Chambers of Commerce, in particular, are the most business savvy, well-organized groups I have been lucky to be a part of.  They have business mentors, networking sessions and I’ve met wonderful people from the business community.  It’s like nothing else I’ve seen.”

Partner and CFO, Diane Lingo, previously held the role of CFO with a technology and engineering firm that she helped grow from start-up to a publicly traded international enterprise. She explains how her extensive financial expertise can also benefit their customers. “Our business is incredibly similar to my past work experience, except now I’m on the other side of the desk. We evaluate each client’s balance sheet to identify funding options and provide hands-on support to clients at each step in the process.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lingo are creating a reputation for honesty and trust, and are looking forward to their future in the RVA business community for years to come. “We hope to have firmly established ourselves as the go-to financial service specialists in the business community. When a business owner is in need of financial assistance and support, we are excited to partner with them here at Liquid Capital RVA. We want to make a positive impact on their business.”

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