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How to get start-up financing without a bank loan

Start-ups grow fast, and they need to piece together an elaborate puzzle to see the fruits of their labour. That includes brilliant people, endless hard-worked hours and sufficient cashflow. No wonder start-up financing is such an important piece of the puzzle. It’s incredible to see a young start-up reach new levels in their business, but […]

Cash flow terminology: Learn the basics

Must-know cash flow terminology to help you stay cash positive. Cash is king, and cash flow — the net money flowing into and out of a business — is your operational lifeblood. When cash is in high supply, you can be riding a wave of exhilaration — making entrepreneurship feel like the golden path. But […]

Otras tres señales de alarma de recesión en su empresa

Los altos y bajos hacen parte de la vida empresarial. Una corta crisis no siempre significa un desastre inminente. Y aunque una crisis dure varios meses, puede haber mayores dificultades al horizonte. Ya vimos cinco señales de alarma de que su empresa puede estar declinando, entonces ahora miremos otras tres señales de recesión en su […]