Jeffery Lyons

Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons is the founder of Liquid Capital Business Funding, based in the Raleigh – Durham area of North Carolina. Liquid Capital specializes in providing cash flow financing to small and mid-sized businesses that are either growing rapidly, taking on large purchase orders, or restructuring.

Jeff has a B.S. in both finance and accounting and is a business professional with more than 20 years’ experience in business development and management. He started his career in public accounting and is a previously licenses CPA with KPMG and Perry-Smith, LLP.  Jeff focused on auditing small and medium sized financial institutions, and Banks. This experience allowed Jeff to acquire an intimate knowledge of the financing industry, credit, and underwriting. He leverages this experience to deliver the best financing solutions that are available.

Jeff started Liquid Capital Business Funding to solve one of the biggest problems for main street Business Owner’s – Cash Flow Management. Liquid Capital Business Funding provides entrepreneurs and main street business owners a steady, reliable, consistent resource of working capital. Jeff works to create financing solutions that allows businesses to focus their attention on operations and revenue growth; so they are not worry about when the next bill is coming due or when an invoice will be paid. Always passionate about customer relations, Jeff works directly with each business owner to evaluate their needs and structure a solution that optimizes funding, flexibility, and control.

Beyond solving immediate cash-flow problems, Jeff develops a long-term strategy for business owners to acquire additional financing through the SBA and traditional Commercial Banks. Jeff believes that for some industries, non-Bank financing is the primary means of funding their operations; however, for most industries, a mature and well-structured business is credit-worthy and should be bankable. Jeff has a well-developed network of financing partners that are able to provide term-lending solutions, commercial real estate financing, SBA Loans, turn-around financing, troubled debt restructuring, and rapid growth working capital.